Friday, March 21, 2008


Another Green Bottom Bag Design!

This past weekend I made the big trip down to see Tami and work on bags.

We completed the "Out to Lunch" bag design that we have been wanting to do from the beginning. Its the same basic design as our "Classic Market Bag" but we added a couple of different details, including the ever so cute yo-yo and button from our grandma's stash on some of the bags.

We also working on our "Necessities Bag". A smaller version of the "Classic Market Bag' that is perfect for that quick run to the grocery store to pick up those few things that you find yourself needing. Look for those bags to be on our ETSY shop in the near future (link to our Etsy shop located on the margin along with a few current listings)

Keep checking our shop!! We are working on a couple more designs that we are hoping to introduce in the next couple weeks!

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