Sunday, March 9, 2008

Party time!

Hey check out the link to join a bloggin' great party! Great way to check out new blogs and meet new people.
For the new visitors here, this blog is my sisters (tami) and my (tanya) blog for our new business. We are hoping that in a year we will look back at this and remember the hours that we are putting in with a smile.
We both live in Colorado, but at opposite ends of the state, so this blog is a long distance tie between the two of us.

Party on people, I am off to look at others blogs!!!


sandyy456 said...

Very nice bags! I have your blog bookmarked so that I can return in the future! :)

JENN said...

I found you site through the Blog Party! I had a bag idea recently, so I have to come back and see how things are going for you. I really look forward to reading more.

tikvah73 said...

HI! Your bags are very pretty. Hope you are having a good party!